Chrissy Teigen Saved From Getting Run Over By Cyclist

Chrissy Teigen was saved from getting run over by a cyclist thanks to a kind stranger.

The pregnant model was in New York City and almost got hit by a bicycle rider. In a moment that is seriously out of one of those cheesy romantic comedies like Wedding Planner, she stepped off the curb but did not see the bike coming towards her. However, a very handsome stranger did, and pulled Teigen out of the way, with the bicycle narrowly missing her.

Although the nice gentlemen saved her life, Twitter initially thought the guy was creeping up on the chef and it is easy to see why. The picture making the rounds on social media makes it look as though the unnamed man is trying to get her attention, while she is ignoring him.

When one Twitter user called out the guy, John Legend’s wife was quick to defend the man who saved her life.

“What a creeper where is your security.” Tweeted @Nvme333_NV.

“Nah he actually saved me from getting run over by a cyclist. I should have looked before stepping out!” shared Teigen.

There is a series of photos that have now gone viral on the Internet showcasing the probably one-minute interaction between the soon-to-be mom of two and the gentleman who saved her life. The pictures do not do the guy any justice. He definitely looks like her is trying to creep on her.

Plus, once he does save her life she appears as though she does not want to engage further with the man. Again looks can be deceiving but Teigen gives off the ok thanks and bye bye vibe on one of the pictures. There is no doubt she was grateful but she was not about the chitchat with him.

Chrissy Teigen is one of our favorite celebrities and not just because her life appears to be straight out of a rom-com but also because she does silly stuff like us. For example, she doesn’t always pay attention when stepping off of a curb in NYC. Thankfully, a nice stranger proved not all New Yorkers are jerks.

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