Christina Aguilera Teases New Music, Hints at New Album Title on Twitter

The ‘Beautiful’ singer’s upcoming eighth studio album will likely be titled ‘Liberation’ as some fans believe her new song may be released on Friday, May 4.

Christina Aguilera‘s new music may be coming soon. On Sunday, April 29, the “What a Girl Wants” hitmaker posted a cryptic, glitchy video on Twitter, featuring a fragment of the word “liberation,” which may be the title of her new album.

The cryptic video came after fans shared footage from Xtina’s performance in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the fan-captured video, a powerful clip played over some ad-lib as the former Mickey Mouse Club star repeated the word “liberation” over and over.

“X, X-tina, exhale, explore, express, experiment, exploit, exclusive, exist, expire,” Aguilera narrated in the clip. “My existence has no expiration. This is my liberation. This is our liberation. Be liberated with me. It’s time for a liberation!”

After the footage surfaced, fans reacted excitedly to the possibility of new music and album from Xtina. “SHE’S COMING!!!!!!!!!!” one exclaimed. Another tweeted, “So I loved Christina Aguilera @xtina intro for Liberation does that mean new music/album from her is actually coming now?????”

Another reacted, “HOLD UP… did @Xtina just reveal her new album intro and/or confirm her album is titled #Liberation w/ these DOPE live show visuals/audio? ALSO, did this b***h just say ‘My existence… has no expiration’ ?! ALSO, did she say ‘…as one, a liberated nation’ ?! COME THRU!!!” The fan added, ” ‘IT’S TIME FOR A LIBERATION… AS ONE… A LIBERATED NATION.’@Xtina i’m not ready for this slayage.”

Some others believe that a new track called “Accelerate” may be released as soon as Friday, May 4, just days after she attended the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan.

Aguilera last released an album in 2012. Titled “Lotus”, her seventh studio album was led by first single “Your Body”, which was released in September 2012, and followed by “Just a Fool” in December of the same year. The album itself was released on November 9, 2012 and debuted at number seven on the U.S. Billboard 200.

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