Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Came Very Close To Death

Abby Lee Miller was on the verge of death after a spinal infection paralyzed her below the neck. The Dance Moms star was admitted to the hospital after experiencing intense pain in her neck and weak limbs. Two days later, her condition worsened to the point that doctors feared she might not make it.

Miller was admitted to Cedar Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital over the weekend after complaining of neck pain. The reality star’s condition quickly deteriorated over a 24-hour period and doctors wanted to transfer her to another unit but feared that she wouldn’t survive the trip to another hospital. With her blood pressure plummeting, doctors performed a 5-hour surgery that removed parts of Miller’s vertebrae to help relieve pressure.

Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, who works as a spine surgeon at Cedar Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital, performed the surgery on Miller. In an interview with People, Melamed admitted that he still doesn’t know why Miller’s condition worsened so quickly. Melamed explained that they typically see a patient’s health rapidly deteriorate if they have pre-existing conditions, like heart issues or diabetes. But Miller was in good health when she admitted to the hospital and Melamed is stumped on what caused her fast decline.

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Fortunately, Miller’s condition has improved since the emergency surgery. Although Miller is still recovering from her ordeal in the ICU, Melamed revealed that she is starting to regain feeling in her arms and legs. We don’t know if Miller will ever walk again, but it sounds like she is starting to turn around.

“She’s made some recovery in 24 hours, which is better than no recovery,” Melamed explained, adding that he is hopeful that Miller will regain more movement in her legs in the coming weeks.

From here, Melamed and his team are planning on mobilizing Miller and starting her on a rehab program. The doctor is confident that Miller will be stable enough to return home by the end of the week or the weekend, as long as she doesn’t have to undergo any more surgical procedures. We can only hope that things keep looking up for Miller as she recovers from her brush with death.

Prior to her recent health scare, Miller was admitted to the hospital for a thyroid problem. At the time, she was living in a halfway house as part of her penalty for bankruptcy fraud. She was sentenced to a year in federal prison in the spring of 2017.

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