Dani Dyer blasts ‘mum police’ who trolled her for using a babysitting app

Dani Dyer has taken aim at the "mum police" who trolled her for promoting a babysitting app.

The TV presenter and 2018 Love Island champion said she was called a "s*** mum" and told she "makes everyone sick" after revealing online she used the Bubble childcare app when she nipped out to meet pals for lunch.

Dani, 25, has been raising eight-month-old son Santiago as a lone parent since his dad Sammy was jailed for 42 months for fraud in July.

In a video Dani posted on told Instagram Stories she said: "I was promoting a Bubble childcare app and the amount of hate I got from the mum police, the mum brigade, whatever you want to call them is actually disgusting.

"It was like I was promoting 'get a local murderer around your house to look after your child'.

"Not everyone has a mum or dad around the corner to help support them and I am so lucky to have an amazing support system but I can't always depend on my family and I don't understand why I can't talk about a trustworthy app where people can look after your child.

"So, I feel people need to chill out.

"Calling me a s*** mum and that I make everyone sick comments."

She went on: "I have a heart. I have feelings.

"I have been under such more scrutiny and feel people judge me every single day on situations they know nothing about.

"I feel people need to chill out.

"It's just a childcare app. It's very trustworthy. It's all been checked.

The former Love Island star vented: "Do you really think I'm going to promote anything that's going to put anyone's child at risk of any danger?

"Honestly, it's just too much sometimes."

Dani had previously shared a photo from her girlie lunch date showing her beaming with a pal as they sipped cocktails.

She later disabled comments to stop further trolling.

Sarah Hesz, chief commercial officer of Bubble, said: "Mums judging other mums is one of the most tiresome things that parents have to deal with.

"We are all doing our best. It's not ok to chuck out disparaging remarks about the thing that we all feel the most vulnerable about such as are we a good enough mum?"

She continued: "Childcare is always going to be a highly emotive topic. It's not easy to find people to leave your kids with.

"But giving yourself a break and finding time to be yourself without kids is also an important part of being a parent.

"No-one should feel shamed about taking time to do things they enjoy – whether a parent or not.

"The reality for most parents – particularly single parents – is that it's really hard to find time for yourself."

Finishing up, Sarah added: "No-one is a bad parent for taking some time for themself, and as Dani said – not everyone is lucky enough to have family nearby willing to drop everything to look after your kids.

"At Bubble we try and help parents find a bit of extra space in their lives by providing childcare you can trust.

"There is nowhere else can you book a sitter flexibly, with total transparency and feel fully in control as a parent."

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