Drake Teams Up With Alabama Artist Yung Bleu on 'You're Mines Still'

Up-and-coming Mobile, Alabama, artist Yung Bleu — who is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label — has released a new remix of his single “You’re Mines Still,” featuring Drake himself.

Lyrically, Yung Bleu mulls over a past relationship, insisting that it could still work out: “If I ever made you angry, girl/Just know that it get better over time.” (A fitting line for a Drake apprentice.) When Aubrey Graham arrives, he swoops in with a trademark petty zinger: “Pretty face, pretty tempted/But pretty taught me ugly lessons.”

According to an interview with Complex, Drake finished his verse on “You’re Mines Still” within a matter of hours. “Everybody on my team was thinking that if he did do it, it was going to take at least, like, three or four months to get it,” Yung Bleu said. “He sent it back the same day.”

Still, the collaboration almost didn’t happen. “It was crazy because after he had hit me up, I went to sleep that night and he FaceTimed me at one in the morning, and I missed it,” Yung Bleu added. “I was so mad. I really thought it was over. I ended up texting him the next day and talking about it. But he was mad cool. Drake is a real genuine dude. He really doesn’t care how big you are. If he fucks with it, he fucks with it. He’s a real musical person, like the genius kind.”

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