Elvis: ‘Very sweet’ rare Graceland upstairs photo shared by ‘King’s Queen’ Linda Thompson

Elvis Presley was ’nuzzling’ against me says Linda Thompson

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When Elvis Presley separated from his wife Priscilla, The King began dating Miss Tennessee model Linda Thompson. From 1972-6, she lived with the star at Graceland and the couple shared his bedroom upstairs in the mansion. To this day, the music icon’s private space isn’t open to the public, but now his old flame has shared a rare photo from up there.

Linda, now 72, has taken some of her old awards out of storage and her friend has sent her a picture of them when they were on display upstairs at Graceland, outside Elvis’ bedroom.

In a new Instagram post, she wrote: “Throwback Thursday… Elvis had my beauty pageant trophies mingled with some of his in the display case just outside our bedroom upstairs at Graceland. I just closed out my storage unit and found some of my trophies and it tweaked that memory. My sweet friend Jeanne LeMay sent me her photo of my trophies in that case at Graceland. I always thought it was very sweet of Elvis to have displayed my trophies along with some of his… He was proud of me. The King…& his ‘queen’…”

In one of the accompanying videos, Linda could be heard saying: “Almost all of these trophies were in Elvis’ bookcase upstairs, just outside our bedroom, in his little glass cupboard bookcase.”

During their four and a half years together, the couple would spend hours on The King’s bed with his cousin Billy Smith and his wife Jo.

They’d watch movies and have deep philosophical discussions about religion, spirituality and even UFOs.

But when it came to say good night in the early hours of the morning, they always had a special chant.

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The two couples would hold hands in a circle on the giant bed before saying a protection chant together. The words were: “Christ love, Christ life, Christ peace.”

Elvis and Linda broke up amicably around Christmas 1976, as she wanted a more normal life out of the celebrity spotlight. His old flame recently shared how The King reacted to this upstairs at Graceland.

The singer’s Aunt Delta later told her that Elvis started playing Unchained Melody on the piano and said: “You can’t just forget someone you’ve spent almost every day with for four and half years.”

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