Elvis was so offended after he met The Beatles he wanted them banned from America

The Beatles arrive at JFK airport in 1964

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In the later 1950s and early 1960s Elvis was the biggest star in the world. By the time he met the Fab Four in 1965, they had become the new global sensation. Comparisons, of course, were always being made. When the Beatles landed for their first US tour in 1964, they gave a press conference at JFK Airport and were asked if they were just Elvis Presley rip-offs. A quick-thinking Ringo Starr immediately shrugged up his shoulders and shook his hands and hips like The King and said, “It’s not true, it’s not true” as everyone laughed. But, in reality, the Beatles were huge Elvis fans and pushed for a meeting. Unfortunately, it was a disaster.

Lennon had been trying to arrange a meeting through a journalist friend, Chris Hutchins. Elvis had actually resisted, telling Hutchins, “You are just trying to get these boys some publicity off my back.”

Of course, by the time the meeting happened, the Fab Four had no need of any extra publicity and their three US tours in 1964, 65 and 66 were a sensation. The band and Lennon, in particular, remained very keen to meet the King of Rock and Roll.

Hutchins finally set it up for 1965 and recalled: “I’d arranged to take them to Elvis’s house in Bel Air, something John had been asking me to do since the previous year.

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