Fearless Bear Grylls ‘nothing like TV persona’ – and is bag of nerves at parties

Bear Grylls has finally admitted he is scared of something – parties.

The television adventurer, 47, today reveals he suffers from crippling anxiety.

It has been happening for years and means big showbiz bashes are his worst nightmare.

Bear told the Daily Star Sunday: “I get nervous at events. I struggle with big rooms full of people that I don’t know.

“I tend to eyeball a friend and grab them and go to the corner and have a drink and a catch-up to avoid a big group.

“I’ve had social anxiety for years. I think that’s why I originally loved being outside as a kid.

“It was a safe place. It was always a comfortable place for me, somewhere I could breathe and where there was time and space to tune in to other things. It’s always been a good place for me.”

Bear’s comments are likely to shock his millions of fans around the world.

They are used to seeing him being fearless in dangerous situations on his hit shows.

But he insists he is nothing like his TV persona in real life.

He said: “I won’t ever be that hero without any chinks. I am made up of a million chinks.

“I am definitely not confident. I struggle with things, I really do.

“We all have struggles in life and you have to face difficult things. And the rewards go to those who keep doing the difficult things.”

Bear has gone into the wild with a host of A-list stars over the years.

And he often finds that the ones who look the toughest falter under pressure.

He said: “I’ve done hundreds of expeditions with celebrities.

“If I have learned anything, it is that everybody is scared of something.

“Sometimes the people you think are going to do the best are the ones who struggle the most.

“The wild isn’t like a movie where the heroes are the square-jawed guys.

“The heroes in life often hide in plain sight. It’s about spirit and kindness and courage. It’s always about mental strength.”

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