Here’s Random BTS Trivia That Makes No Sense to Non-ARMYs

There are seven performers in BTS, each of them taking on a different role within the K-pop group. With over seven years since their debut, fans learned plenty of random, fun facts about these performers, including their favorite colors, favorite foods, and even their nonsensical nicknames. 

Here’s some obscure BTS trivia for ARMYs. 

V hates shoes

V is one of the more eccentric BTS members. He is ambidextrous and can (somewhat) play the violin. This artist also hates wearing shoes and is often seen either barefoot or in sandals. The reason for this footwear choice is most likely due to his skin condition, “cholinergic urticaria” which makes him “itchy, itchy.”

RM is also known by his nickname, ‘Porrnesian Parrapio’

There are a few nicknames given to these artists by fans. Jimin is “Baby Mochi,” while RM is the “God of Destruction.” While this K-pop group visited Hawaii, the members decided to give themselves new names, according to a video. 

J-Hope adopted the name J-Dope. Jin named himself Bread Genie, and Jungkook said his name was Justin Seagull. J-Hope named Suga “Yeon Kimin.” Jimin said his name was J-Move, as in “movement.” 

“That’s very tacky,” Suga said of Jimin’s name, according to a translation, to which the other members laughed. RM named himself “Porrnesian Parrapio,” whatever that means. Although the name didn’t stick, some fans still refer to the rapper by this nickname.

Jungkook can (and has) successfully completed the bottle cap challenge

He’s the “Golden Maknae” for a reason. Jungkook is talented at pretty much anything he tries. That, apparently, includes the bottle cap challenge. During one RUN BTS, V, Jimin, and Jungkook tried their hand, or rather, their foot, at the bottle cap challenge. Jungkook was the only one who successfully tackled the internet trend. 

Suga is cutting sugar and coffee from his diet 

Min Yoonji has “Suga” as his BTS stage name. However, this artist was a huge fan of coffee, especially iced Americanos. However, during a recent interview with WIRED, the rapper shared that he’s actually trying to cut back on his caffeine intake.

Jungkook once dressed up as a carrot

Some fans call Jungkook “bunny.” He took this nickname to the next level during BTS’ fourth MUSTER, dressing as a carrot mid-performance. Months later, the BTS members reacted to the video of Carrot Jungkook. 

“Why in the world is he a carrot,” Suga said, according to a translation from Esquire. Jimin added, “Explain yourself! Carrots don’t have any black in them.”

“No, I got a punishment for losing, so they made me do it,” Jungkook said, making a face at the video.

The “Life Goes On” music video by BTS is now available for streaming on YouTube. The K-pop group’s deluxe album, titled Be, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms.

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