Inside Katie Price’s 3-bedroom house for Harvey as he prepares for college life

Katie Price couldn't wait to show off son Harvey's new glamorous home as she took YouTube subscribers on a virtual tour.

The 42-year-old recently opted to give Harvey, 18, more independence as he enters adulthood, with the teen soon fleeing the nest to head off to a residential college.

As a trial run and to help her eldest child adapt better later on, the busy mum-of-five has decided to purchase Harvey his own home before he takes the plunge and finally lives on his own independently.

Harvey will never actually be completely alone in the house, Katie advised that he will have support along with his trusty companion Blade.

The house is also equipped with cameras throughout so that the My Crazy Life star and her family can keep a close and watchful eye on Harvey at all times.

Katie won't be far away at any given time as Harvey's new swanky pad is directly opposite her own family home.

Giving fans a grand tour of Harvey's new residency, the former glamour model explained: "This isn't where we live this is where Harvey lives ready for his transitional move to college.

"So this is quieter for him, he gets used to his own space and there's obviously room if I stay here and we're only over the road.

"And he absolutely loves it."

Showcasing the surveillance system in place, she added: "There is someone here but we can keep an eye and talk to him through the cameras."

Harvey's mum had been busy creating a "home from home" and it's easy to see that she had already put her stamp on the place.

With glitzy photo frames, silvery ornaments and the reality stars icon diamond-encrusted "Pricy" hat it was almost certainly starting to look like the family quarters.

Katie had added simplistic touches too, including Harvey's favourite Barney the dinosaur toy and a bubble machine that she positioned next to his gigantic grey bed.

In the workspace area, Harvey had his own lime green plaque with his name on that had been placed onto the wall above his computer station.

The TV star is also trying to keep Harvey on a stricter diet due to a number of recent health scares.

Not wanting her son to snack at night, she unveiled his fridge, showing that it would not be stocked with many treats.

Opening the fridge, she added: "As you can see there's not much in there he can eat in the night.

"He's got his washing machine, dishwasher, everything you need to be independent.

"Do you love it here?"

Adorable Harvey chirps back: "Of course mummy!"

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