‘Isolated’ Brian May’s emotional new message to fans: ‘I feel so loved and so alone’

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May is currently on the final leg of the Rhapsody tour with bandmates Roger Taylor and new frontman Adam Lambert, which he describes as being “like nothing else on Earth”. As the band prepares for tonight’s show in Bologna, Italy, the Queen star opened up about the many highs and lows as he admits to feeling “very isolated”.

Brian posted a video of himself arriving in Italy being greeted by ecstatic fans. He said: “I’m very touched by scenes like this – we all are. Strangely humbling and disarming. To feel so much love is such a privilege. I also appreciate how respectful so many fans have been – mindful of our need to stay in a bubble to safeguard our shows on the rest of the tour from Covid.

“The emotions I feel are quite confusing. Because of Covid protocols, and because in many cases situations like this are impossible to linger in anyway, I end up being very isolated – insulated from the kind of human contact that we all yearn for. It’s an irony … to be so loved and yet so alone.”

In his powerfully honest post, he goes on to say: “The concerts themselves are the moments where the most intense contact happens through the music. I love to see people’s faces when we are in mid flight, playing our hearts out. To see faces and make eye contact, to see hands waving, hear screams of joy, is like nothing else on Earth.”

However, the rock star had some blunt words for certain fans as he wrote: “It’s a little less inspiring to be looking [at] phone cameras, but I can understand …. and it’s even less helpful being confronted with messages like “Give me your sticks Roger” or “I need your pick Brian”. Especially when I can see that the boards they are holding up are obscuring the view of someone behind them. I will never encourage people to do that. I’ll always try to give a pick to someone who doesn’t ask.”

Despite this, the eternally upbeat star pays tribute to his devoted fanbase: “The greatest joy for us is to feel your participation and passion – see it and hear it in your voices – and there is no place in the world more passionate than ITALIA !!! Bless ya ! Bri.”

As always, Brian’s devoted fans were quick to respond to their hero. In the comments one fan wrote: “But we are all here for you, all the fans and the Bri-army, endlessly grateful for your openness and your trust.”

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After celebrating 50 years in the industry last year, the band restarted their world tour that was interrupted, like so many others, by the global pandemic. Queen recently finished their UK leg of the tour which included a 10 night residency at the O2, London, playing to 200,000 people.

The current European leg of the tour is set to conclude on the 25th July in Helsinki, Finland. 


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