Jade Goody’s ex Jeff Brazier worried about young people amid ‘parallel pandemic’

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As he gears up to launch the second series of his Absolute Radio Only Human podcast, Jeff Brazier is deeply concerned about what the long-term effects of lockdown on mental health will be.

Jeff, a presenter on BT Sport and The Morning as well as author of The Grief Survival Guide, says: “I feel we’re not in a healthy relationship with our government.

“I don’t like the way they’ve gone about keeping us safe.

“They’ve been uninterested in helping the nation to do anything other than get a vaccination.

“The fear-mongering was over the top and I’m disturbed they were one-dimensional in their approach.

“Now we’ve created a parallel pandemic as a result.”

Jeff, 42, is doting father to sons Bobby and Freddie, whose mum was the late Big Brother star Jade Goody.

He says: “I’m really worried about young people as 50% more kids are ending up in A&E with mental health emergencies.

“We’re meant to be looking after the young – they’re the future – but we ruined it for them messing up their education, locking them down and denying them some of their basic human necessities.”

Bobby is fast making a career for himself in the modelling world – and Jeff is there to guide him as best as possible.

He says: “What’s good for both of my two is they’ll always have someone they can talk to if something is difficult, which one of them did recently.

“It was in relation to modelling and the fact one minute you do one day a week, then the next there’s London Fashion Week and you’re doing three or four shows – that can become overwhelming.

“Something is going to have to change in a massive way.

“There’s going to be a mass influx of young people who don’t have the resources to keep themselves balanced and will need people to look after them.”

On his podcast Jeff tackles the subjects of life and answers questions sent in by listeners.

He says: “The episodes are me researching ways we can help ourselves to do better.

“We need to invest in ourselves so we can cope with anything.

“It can be breathing techniques, gratitude, visualisation and scheduling your day with time boxing is one of the most important things.

“If you plan your day, you own your day.

Jeff’s Only Human podcast will be available to download every Monday from October 11 from Planet Radio, Spotify, Apple, Google, and all mainstream podcast providers.

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