Joe Wicks promises fans he will bathe completely naked in new garden hot tub

Joe Wicks undoubtedly made a lot of money during the coronavirus pandemic as during lockdowns he has stepped in to be the nation's PE teacher.

The personal trainer, 34, known also as The Body Coach, recently moved into a new £4.4million mansion and has now treated himself to a huge hot tub in his back garden.

Promising to give back to his fans who have supported him, the star cheekily promised to bathe naked in the tub.

The new gadget, which has been installed in his Surrey mansion, is so big the star uploaded a photo of himself laying in it, which made even muscular Joe look miniature.

It also doubles up as a sauna and as an ice bath, which will help him with his almost daily workouts for the UK.

Talking to his fans on his Instagram account, Joe said: "Hot tub, hot sauna then ice cold bath for the rehab to take care of my body because I smash it too much.

"I need somewhere to come and relax in between all the training I do."

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Joe continued: "It's like a swimming pool, it's massive. It's got speakers in the side, so I'm gonna be blasting a bit of Dr Dre."

He also admitted he has plans to "sauna in the nude".

Over one picture of the jacuzzi the star included a poll which asked: "Sauna in the nude?"

It gave fans the chance to answer "oh for sure" or "nah cover up son".

Joe went on: "My neighbours are gonna love it. The houses aren't that far away.

"I'm definitely gonna be starkers."

The star recently raked in the big bucks between Christmas and the New Year as 130,000 fans signed up to his annual subscription of his fitness app – which is £69.99 a year.

He reportedly made more than £9million in that one week.

Joe now lives in his new mansion in Surrey with his wife Rosie Jones and their two young children Indie, two, and Marley, who is 10 months old.

He started his brand in 2015 but went viral last year when he offered the free lockdown workouts for the nation's children.

The Queen even honoured the star and he became an MBE after being on her Majesty's New Years Honours list.

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