John Travolta Names Surprising Director As His Favorite To Work With

John Travolta named the director who is his favorite to work with and his choice is very surprising.

The actor has been in show business for over 40 years but apparently, he just had the best working experience of his entire career. TMZ, who has video footage to confirm, reports Travolta and his lovely wife Kelly Preston were at a party at producer Oscar Generale’s Beverly Hills estate recently where he was going on and on about the movie he was filming. He apparently could not stop talking about the film or the person who was directing it.

In fact, as the website reports, the actor raved about the director. Now, Travolta has worked with some of the biggest and greatest directors in Hollywood. He generally gushes about his favorites like Quentin Tarantino, Nora Ephron, Oliver Stone, and John Woo, just to name a few. But this time he was not talking about any of them.

Now, you are probably racking your brain to try to figure out his favorite director, you can stop. Never in a million years will you guess who the American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson star named. The director who just gave him the best work experience of his career is none other than rocker Fred Durst.

That is not a typo and you did not read the name incorrectly. The Limp Bizkit singer has apparently impressed the heck out of John Travolta. The actor and now-director have been working together on the upcoming thriller film Moose. In the movie, Travolta plays an obsessed fan that ends up destroying the life of the actor whom he is obsessed with.

Moose and Durst on set

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Durst posted a few behind the scenes photos of the flick but nothing really compares to Travolta naming him the best director he has ever worked with. Even if the movie doesn’t interest people, they are definitely going to go see it just to find out if the singer can really direct as well as Travolta said.

Hollywood is a very fickle, crazy place and the unlikeliest love fests can be born. The latest one is John Travolta’s love of Fred Durst as a director; we’re going to need some time to think about this one.

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