Jon Bon Jovi Likens ‘Do What You Can’ Video Filming Amid COVID-19 to Being in ‘Weird Twilight Zone’

The Bon Jovi frontman recalls what crossed through his mind when shooting the promo for his new song about the coronavirus pandemic in Manhattan’s Times Square during lockdown.

AceShowbizJon Bon Jovi was taken aback by how “surreal” it was filming his new music video on the streets of New York City during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Bon Jovi frontman filmed the promo for his new track “Do What You Can”, a song about the coronavirus pandemic, in Manhattan’s Times Square and was taken aback by what it was like to be there on his own – when he had played for hundreds of thousands before.

“It was really surreal,” he tells Australian TV show “The Project”. “I had left the city as well. Our family had gone out to (New) Jersey and I didn’t want to come back here for any reason – but obviously for the video it made sense.”

“I was in Times Square shooting the first shot and it was the first shot of the day and there’s no one there. I was singing because the band couldn’t come in because you couldn’t fly and I’m standing there alone.”

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The “Livin’ On A Prayer” rocker went on to reminisce about how it contrasted with the last time he had been in Times Square after a moment of national tragedy, performing a 2002 concert to kick off the first full NFL season after the 9/11 terrorist attacks the previous year.

“In Times Square, where I’m now singing to nobody. I was reminiscing when the NFL asked us to play Times Square and allowed half a million people to come and watch us…Now you’re singing a song 20 years later after another tragedy, alone. That was like a weird Twilight zone.”

Bon Jovi release their new album, 2020, on October 2.

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