Jonathan Ross is having to censor gags to avoid upsetting ‘snowflakes’

Jonathan Ross is having to censor gags to avoid upsetting snowflakes.

The TV favourite, 59, nicknamed Wossy, reckons viewers do not want edgy material anymore.

Jonathan lifted the lid on how mainstream entertainment is changing to suit sensitive people.

He said: “You don’t do the sort of jokes you might have done before as you don’t want people to be upset. People seem to be very upset about everything else already.”

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Jonathan tones down his ITV chat show despite it airing after the 9pm watershed.

He added: “Over the years my chat show, like most TV shows, has become a little bit less edgy. It’s happened with the monologue I do at the start of every show; that has changed drastically.

“The way you would land on someone for a punchline is different.

“Sometimes you would do something that seemed a bit audacious or shocking and, with the benefit of hindsight, mean. You wouldn’t do that now.”

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It is not just Ross who is being more careful. The star reckons all presenters are editing out jokes.

He said: “Everyone who is making shows now, they go out of their way to make a show that is just fun. We all go out of our way.

“I’m not just speaking for myself. Even people who do shows that air later. If you look at the sort of jokes I did and David Walliams did and almost everyone else on TV did 10 years ago…none of us do that material now.

“It’s more inclusive and that’s what we’re all edging towards on TV generally.”

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His latest TV project is The Masked Singer, which launched on ITV last night. He is on the panel with Rita Ora and Davina McCall.

During filming he pushed the boundaries, but most of it was left on the cutting room floor.

Producers are convinced making the show less edgy will mean it appeals to more viewers.

Jonathan said: “On this show we’re just being playful. We all feel a greater degree of responsibility.”

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