Katie Piper horrified after daughter’s hamster eaten alive by cannibal partner

Katie Piper has been left horrified after her daughter's hamster was killed and eaten alive by its companion.

The 37-year-old TV personality, who was attacked with acid by her ex-boyfriend and an accomplice in 2008, causing major damage to her face and blindness in one eye, recalled the nightmare of a story after the hamster Digit died.

The star said she found her daughter Belle's pet while searching around for it in its cage after she couldn't see it in the cage.

Katie told how she found its remains on Monday night while rooting around its caged home that it shared with its hamster partner who turned savage.

She recalled how she and husband Richard Sutton made the shocking discovery before they went to bed.

Taking to her official Instagram account, Katie told the story to her followers via video.

Mum-of-two Katie said: "So we are just about to go to bed and we think we’ve made a bit of a grim discovery dont we?"

Next to her, Richard replied: "Yeah."

Katie asked her husband what he thinks happened.

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Richard said: "I think one of our little companions, hamsters, has died I think."

Katie continued to explain: "Every night they come tout for their food in a pair and tonight one is missing.

"So basically obviously they are nocturnal. They would normally both be out by now.

"We just shaked the packet of food and they would both normally come running out. And only one came."

Katie captioned one of her videos: "Don’t fancy telling the kids tomorrow morning before homeschooling.

"So we are about to take the surviving one out and search through the sawdust."

In a second video, after searching the cage, they uploaded a second video.

Katie said: "We are shocked.

"It’s slightly worse than we thought. Belle’s hamster is dead and we have found his remains because the other hamster has eaten him.

"Just Googled it and that is a thing, they are not vegetarians they are cannibals."

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