Katie Price ‘disgusted’ at doctor’s ‘cruel’ comment about why Harvey is blind

Katie Price has recalled the horrific moment she was told her son Harvey was blind when her expert optician put the cause of his blindness down to having a child with a black man.

The 43-year-old gave fans an insight into what life was like for her in the late ‘90s as a first-time single mum shortly after the breakdown of her relationship with her ex-partner Dwight Yorke.

The mother-of-five has kept her past relationship with the professional footballer out of the press as much as possible in previous years.

But now the former glamour model has opened up about that dark time in her life in her new book, Katie Price: Harvey & Me.

Just months after she welcomed her first child, Katie made sure to get Harvey checked out by the most talented doctors in the world to help diagnose his various conditions.

But despite the amount of help she was given by the numerous medical professionals, not every appointment went smoothly as she recalled her horrific appointment with one of the highest regarded optometrists in the USA.

She shared how her day started at one of the top eye specialists in the States where the doctor confirmed Harvey was blind and would likely not be able to see for the rest of his life.

But when the doting mum asked for more of an explanation as to the reason behind his visual impairment, the doctor simply turned around and explained it was because she had intimate relations with a black man.

Katie recalled: “I’ll never forget what she said next. ‘You shouldn’t mix black and white,’ she told us.

“’What do you mean?’ I said. I was completely stunned. And she just simply said, ‘This is what happens when you’re a white woman with a black man’.”

Utterly shocked by the response she was given, the usually loud-mouthed mother was left speechless by her “cruel comment".

But after she found out her son was truly blind, Katie had lost her feisty exterior as she feared for her son’s future.

Harvey has since been diagnosed with Septo-optic Dysplasia – a rare disorder affecting his eyesight – as well as autism and Prader-Willi syndrome which can cause learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

Now, the blonde bombshell fiercely fights for her son to have access to everything any other child would have including a higher education and independent living.

Earlier this year, Katie released her documentary, Katie Price: Harvey and Me, which landed the pair a nomination at the National Television Awards.

Katie Price: Harvey & Me, published by Mirror Books, is on sale October 26. Get £5 off (RRP £20) with offer code FA9 from mirrorbooks.co.uk.

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