Kelly Clarkson is unrecognizable in isolation

While everyone hunkers down at home, social media seems to be the best way to engage with the world. Since no one has anywhere to go, who cares about hair, makeup and the glam life of a world before lockdown? In a refreshing turn of events, it seems like people on social media are fine with documenting the more casual side of things too.

Rather than using Instagram as a place to share a highly curated photo of a perfect life (that doesn’t actually exist), it seems like people — celebrities included — are happy posting their makeup-free faces, messy hair, and assortment of sweatpants. It’s awesome and our girl, Kelly Clarkson, is joining in.

In a recent video, Clarkson shared the cutest video of herself in the bathroom and she doesn’t look like the glamorous judge we’re so used to seeing on The Voice. But you know what? It’s even better. Check it out.

Kelly Clarkson asks fans to be kind to people on the internet

Kelly Clarkson shared the cutest quarantine video with her 4.9 million followers on Instagram of herself in her bathroom, talking about life. Then, to honor Kenny Rogers, she performed a cover of his song, “Sweet Music Man,” saying it was her favorite of all of his songs. See for yourself below.

A post shared by Kelly Clarkson (@kellyclarkson) on Mar 24, 2020 at 1:11pm PDT

After that, Clarkson shared how Amazon was a life-saver during quarantine because her 3-year-old son had grown out of his clothes. But then she went off on a slight tangent, after being concerned that people might call her out on talking about ordering clothes during the coronavirus. She said, “We really should just all be kind. Whether it’s a person in the limelight or a person at home, people doing videos are just trying to make people happy and give you a distraction so maybe ease up on humans for right now.”

She makes a fair point and fans echoed her positive sentiment. Someone commented: “You are delightful!” Someone else wrote: “Great tribute sweetheart! Isn’t it liberating to show the world the natural you, talent taking front and center. Beautiful Kelly!”

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