Liam Payne admits Cheryl is 'going to kill him' after embarrassing her on the toilet live on radio

Liam Payne has joked that his other half Cheryl might kill him after he embarrassed her with a prank during a live radio interview.

The ‘Get Low (Infrared)’ hitmaker was on the phone with BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw today (May 10) when he revealed that Cheryl was on the bog.

Standing outside the door, he asked the former Girls Aloud star if he could ask her a question (which already is a question). When she did emerge from the toilet he asked if she had done a number one or a number two.

“She’s going to kill me after this phone call,” Liam joked, before asking her Nick’s question of how many people Cheryl would have in her entourage when she pops into a radio studio for promo.

Grimmy was not believing Cheryl’s answer of seven people, calling her a liar and demanding she jump on the phone.

“Seven! As if you roll with seven people,” he joked, “17 more like. You make Madonna look modest, you.”

Cheryl and Grimmy then joked that he could join her entourage and the two could practice dance routines in the dressing room.

Liam recently opened up about coming to terms with being a father, and how he found his calling after trying to find his place in the newly expanded family.

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