Liam Payne opens up about the struggles of fatherhood and why women are "superhuman"

Former One Direction member turned solo star Liam Payne recently celebrated the first birthday of his son, Bear, with his other half Cheryl.

With a year (and a month) of fatherhood under his belt, Payne has opened up to #Legend about how he’s found it “difficult” and why he thinks “a lot of people struggle.”

“The difference with being a dad is that you just have to take care of the whole picture at the start,” he said. “A mother and a child is the most beautiful thing to watch, but they’re the closest thing ever – and you’re close, but you’ll never be as close.

“Their hearts were beating at the same time at one point, for God’s sake! You’re never going to be as close as that.

“So a lot of dads feel put out, in that sense. I didn’t really feel put out, but I was like, ‘Where’s my place?’ I was desperate to find out what I was meant to do – changing nappies and whatever else. “

Payne said that he found his calling through cooking: “If you cook for her, she feeds him, so you’re cooking for everyone – that’s what my thing was. As daft as it sounds, cooking actually got me through fatherhood because it made me feel useful.

“Women are superhuman. You don’t realise it until they have a baby. They can do a lot of things that, frankly, we can’t.”

Payne has said before that he would absolutely love to have a second child with Cheryl, and would rather that than get married.

(We’re pretty sure they can afford both, but okay.)

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