Listen to Emile Hirsch’s First Song With Band Hysterical Kindness ‘You’

The new song will be included on the band’s debut album ‘Simple Things’, which will make its way out next month.

Actor Emile Hirsch is expanding his resume by releasing his first single with his band Hysterical Kindness. The band is a collaboration between the “Into the Wild” star and musicians Chris Sayre and Brian Cohen, and on Monday, May 1, they released their first song, titled “You”

Their debut album, “Simple Things”, will be released next month and in a post on Instagram, the actor explains it is inspired by his character in the film “All Nighter“.

“Here’s kind of a funny story: a couple years ago I played a singer in a bluegrass band called Hysterical Kindness in the JK Simmons movie ‘All Nighter’,” Hirsch writes on Instagram. “And me and Chris and Brian – the musicians – liked working together so much on a cover song of Bob Seger‘s ‘Night Moves’, we ended up making an entire album together, in the spirit of Martin, the character I played.”

“It was a really awesome experience for all of us – the story behind all the songs and the way it was made will wait for another day, but the first song we are releasing, You, (is now available),” he continues. “The band is still called Hysterical Kindness, the album is called ‘Simple Things’, and its gonna drop on June 1st… We all made it together with a desire to just express ourselves. Hope you guys like it,” he adds.

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