Who Is Logan Paul & Why Is He Famous?

YouTube star Logan Paul has been making headlines since the beginning of 2018, but who is he and why is he famous?

The answer to those two questions will take a little time to explain, so let’s start with the first one. Who is Logan Paul? Well, he a social media star. If you aren’t sure what that means, it means he has millions of followers watching his videos, reading his posts and checking out everything he does in the social media world.

He got his start on Vine while he was a freshman at Ohio State University in 2014. In fact, he was studying engineering but when he and his brother Jake Vine videos gained traction. When Vine was shut down, they had almost 25 million followers between the two of them. Their Vines involved them pulling pranks, making fools of themselves, yelling at each other and for fun, plus a lot of engaging physical stunts.

Thanks to his Vine popularity, Paul decided he would try his hand at showbiz. He dropped out of school and headed for Los Angeles where he hoped to capitalize on his new found fame. Paul established some amazing partnerships because of his social media status. Pepsi, HBO, Virgin Mobile, and Ritz were the first to partner with him and where he started earning money as a social media star.

As with a lot of apps and social media platforms, Vine went bust. However, Paul was able to translate his popular success into YouTube videos, which is where his fame soared, Yes, there are YouTube stars who are famous and make money off of doing random videos. It is a whole new way to gain fame and fortune for the younger generation.

Along with his social media fame, Paul also gained attention from Hollywood. When he arrived in La La Land, he was smart enough to take acting classes to help him gain television work and expand his brand. The 22-year-old appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Stitchers, and Weird Lovers. Plus, he starred in YouTube’s Red movies The Thinning and Space Between Us.


Logan Paul is a YouTube sensation, and that is also why he is famous but not for the reasons one might think. Beginning in the fall of 2016, Paul would vlog every day on YouTube, which earned him even more partnerships and money. However, those vlogs are not what has made him famous. Like so many other stars, controversy is what launched him into mainstream headlines and may have cost him the career he loved.

In January 2018, he posted a video from Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, otherwise known as Suicide Forrest. It contained footage of a victim, with Paul closing in on the body. This caused some serious backlash among his followers, his sponsors and some very prominent Hollywood stars. Despite apologizing twice and removing the video, his reputation was tarnished.

Paul took a break from being a YouTube sensation after the controversy for about a month. When he returned, he promised he was redeemed, he would no longer post such controversial footage. Paul swore he was a changed man and did an entire vlog post about it. People were itching for him to return as he gained over a million new subscribers while on hiatus.

However, his return was short-lived as another controversy soon had him making headlines once again. A day after his redemption video, Paul posted a video of himself tasering two dead rats. “No rat comes into my house without getting Tased,” he shouted in the video.

Although YouTube did not suspend his channel, they suspended any ads from being posted on the channel. Paul’s only source of income is from the ads, so he took quite the hit. As for why he has not yet been suspended from posting on YouTube, well according to CEO Susan Wojcicki said he has not violated enough of their policies.

Logan Paul is famous for being a YouTube sensation and being controversial. His behavior in his vlogs are earning him national headlines and not in a good way. What do you think about Paul and his videos? Have you ever heard of him before his recent two controversies?

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