Nick Jonas Chronicles Highs and Lows of Relationship in ‘Anywhere’ Video Ft. Mustard

The James Mackel-directed clip features a couple basking in pure joy before eventually breaking up after a huge fight.

Nick Jonas and Mustard‘s music video for their collaborative track is here for your viewing pleasure. Debuted on May 22, the visuals features the Disney alum and the record producer chronicling the highs and lows of a relationship.

The James Mackel-directed clip also features scenes of a couple basking in pure joy while kissing and playing with a golden retriever. However, the couple eventually breaks up after failing to resolve their problems. Nick and Mustard appear in between the scenes, jamming in front of a huge LED screen.

“Something had to be this far/ Something that I really wanted,” Nick sings as the camera pulls back to reveal a lush natural backdrop. “You could be anywhere right now/ It ain’t hard to see/ I’ll be your light/ If you say the words for me.”

“Anywhere” was released on Thursday, May 10 and marked the youngest Jonas brother and Mustard’s first collaboration. It’s unclear whether the song will be a standalone single be included on Nick’s forthcoming project. He previously shared that his new music would be inspired by a variety of musicians, including Bruce Springsteen, Post Malone and Drake.

Talking about collaborating with Mustard, the “Find You” singer noted that it was “amazing.” He said, “I think it’s exciting to step into this EDM side of things, and to have this collaboration as a first step out this year. I want to make music that people want to have a good time to. When people come to the show, for them to be able to dance express themselves is kind of the greatest thing… It’s nice to be able to create music that gives people that opportunity, and I think this song encourages them.”

Nick debuted the live performance of the track in season 16 finale of “American Idol“.

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