Nigella Lawson marks Trump’s exit with ‘bitter orange tart’ recipe of the day

Nigella Lawson has appeared to take a dig at former President of the United States Donald Trump on the morning he left the White House for the final time.

The British cook took to Twitter to reveal her recipe of the day – which fans were quick jump on as a sly way to mock Trump.

Nigella, 61, tweeted to her 2.7 million fowlers: "Well, yes, Bitter Orange Tart just happens to be #RecipeOfTheDay.

"Apart from anything else, there are more things to make with Seville oranges than marmalade! This is not complicated: the base is bashed ginger nuts."

She later added: "I should also let you know that if you don’t have Seville oranges, the recipe also gives the option of using the juice of regular eating oranges and limes.

"Plus, the curd filling is fabulous just on bread or a sandwich a cake."

Despite not mentioning Trump by name fans were quick to reply to the tweet with messages about the business tycoon turned US President.

One supporter replied: "Is there any *particular* reason for a "bitter orange tart", today of all days?"

Another added: "Oh, we're a little tired of bitter orange tart over here in the US, thanks."

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"Don't know if today's recipe from @Nigella_Lawson is subtle shade at Trump leaving office, but I'm going to pretend it is, and stan her even more," a third commented.

A fourth chimed in: "I saw Bitter Orange Tart and initially thought – Oh! That's right. Trump's last day."

It's he first time in history the outgoing President – Trump – failed to attend the inauguration.

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Instead, Trump flew off to his property in Florida with wife Melania.

Neither Trump nor Joe Biden mentioned each other by name in their inauguration day speeches.

While Trump snubbed the ceremony, his Vice President Mike Pence did attend along with his wife.

Pence, 61, was also notably absent from the lawn of the White House when Trump departed via helicopter for the final time.

After being sworn into office as America's 46th President, Biden, 78, called for unity and peace after a period of political turmoil.

He said: "Now on this hallowed ground where just a few days ago violence sought to shake the capital's very foundation.

"We come together under one nation, under god, indivisible, to transfer the peaceful power as we have for two centuries."

He added: "My whole soul is in it today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this, bringing America together, uniting our people, uniting our nation. I ask every American to join me in this cause."

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