Normani Sparks Debate With Her Naked ‘Fair’ Billboard Ad

The former Fifth Harmony member is accused of ‘using sex appeal to sell her records’ with her sexy black-and-white ad that sees her posing seductively on a couch.

AceShowbizNormani Kordei has sparked debate over the way she promoted her music. The former Fifth Harmony member’s naked billboard ad for her new single “Fair” received mixed reactions from social media critics.

On Wednesday, March 23, “The X Factor” alum debuted a sexy billboard in Los Angeles to promote her new track that “captures [her] in one of her most vulnerable moments.” Taking to her Twitter account, she posted a photo of the black-and-white massive ad that sees her posing naked on a couch.

Upon seeing the ad, many unimpressed fans shared their thoughts on Twitter. One person replied to Normani’s Twitter post, “Can kids see this????” Another opined, “Normani is using sex appeal to sell her records but clearly she isn’t appealing to the world due to the fact them records still ain’t selling! For her to put a naked billboard up is thirsty & unfair to those people eyes who have to see that! Shoving that loose booty in our faces!”

Others, however, were defensive over Normani, arguing that the sexy ad shouldn’t be a problem for kids. “I’m sorry but the world doesn’t revolve around kids, if normani wanted that billboard up then so be it,” one fan tweeted.

“Parents are coming at Normani because of her naked billboard but they keep putting the weight of being role models for THEIR children on these celebrities,” a separate person said. “In all honesty, that baby gonna see a naked baby regardless if they hadn’t already, it is what it is.”

Another person wondered why “no one complains when it’s a Victoria’s Secret model on the billboard.” Meanwhile, someone else said that the ad matched Normani’s song. “For the people saying the billboard doesn’t match the song. The song is giving us a glimpse into her vulnerability and opening up about a personal experience so I ask what is more vulnerable than being In the nude?” the said person penned.

Of her single “Fair”, Normani shared that “sharing this record makes [her] uncomfortable because [people] have never really seen me in this light.” The 25-year-old songstress continued, “Definitely aware that you might feel like you don’t know much about me but that’s only because it’s what makes me feel protected.”

Normani went on to share that she’s “really forcing [herself] to let go here,” before noting that “this is huge for [her] and hopefully this piece of art resonates.” She later added, “Love is beautiful yet so soooo terrifying [black heart emoji] i adore you guys to the moon and back. ohhhh and believe me the uptempo s**t is coming lmaooo.”

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