One Direction: Liam Payne expresses regret over Harvey Weinstein music video

Liam Payne reveals 'there's more to come from One Direction'

One Direction fans will not forget the release of the 2013 hit Best Song Ever. The quintet were still touring their third album, Midnight Memories, which was doing extremely well in the charts. July of 2013 saw the release of their first single from the album, Best Song Ever, which debuted and peaked at number two in the UK singles chart, and the US Billboard Hot 100. Accompanying the award-winning song was a music video which saw each of them played dress up.

During this video the members of the band masquerade as various members of the Hollywood elite.

Included in this line-up is Niall Horan taking on the guise of infamous criminal Harvey Weinstein.

The allegations of the #MeToo movement didn’t start cropping up in the press until four years later in 2017, so the 1D boys were not purposefully trying to make a statement about him.

Recently, Liam Payne spoke out about this music video, and even expressed some regret for how the video could be perceived today.

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Liam appeared in an Instagram Live Q&A with the director of the song’s music video, Ben Winston.

Winston first commented on the video, saying: “We couldn’t make that video these days.

“We based a character on Harvey Weinstein. Listen, he was just a famous guy…”

Liam agreed, saying: “I know. I often think about that. Jesus Christ.”

The music video also saw one of the boys dressing up as Tom Cruise’s character, Les Grossman, from the 2008 hit Tropic Thunder.

Best Song Ever was One Direction’s highest-charting single in the US to date.

The now controversial nature of the music video has not been repeated by any members of the band.

Most recently, talks of the band’s reunion has been on the lips of many of their hardcore fans.

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And to make matters even more exciting, Liam also commented on whether the five members would consider getting back together anytime soon.

Speaking on Capital FM over the Christmas period, the Strip That Down singer spoke candidly about “when” the team might reunite.

On if there was any chance of the band’s reunion soon, Liam replied: “I definitely think in the future there’s time for it.

“But I think everyone is enjoying doing their own solo stuff right now.”

Liam added: “I mean it’s always hard to speak on behalf of everyone because I feel like I get asked this more than any of the rest of the boys.

“But yeah, you know we’ve spoken a lot more over the time of COVID, I’d say more than any time we’ve spoken before, which has been great.”

The 27-year-old went on to clarify: “But yeah, some time in the future I’m sure.”


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