Pattie Mallette Shades Justin Bieber, Deletes Son's Name From Twitter Bio

Theories that Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette have had some kind of falling out are running amok thanks to Pattie’s recent social media activity.

When Justin and Hailey Baldwin announced their engagement to the world, it seemed like everyone in their lives was happy for them — from Justin’s dad, to Hailey’s aunt, Kim Basinger, everything we’ve seen and heard is that Justin and Hailey have the full support of their family and friends behind their decision. But there is one person close to Justin who hasn’t yet publicly vocalized her happiness for the couple: His mom, Pattie.

Not only did Pattie NOT publicly comment on her son’s engagement news, fans have been following her every move on social media lately, and some think that her recent activity points to a rift between her and Justin.

Shortly after the engagement news broke, Pattie changed her long-time twitter bio, which used to say “yes Justin Bieber is my son”. Fans pointed out that her new bio doesn’t make any mention of Justin at all, and others commented on the timing of the change, noting that it just seems too coincidental that she would take away Justin’s name from her bio during such a special time in his life.

— T (@selenasolace) July 20, 2018

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One fan tweeted, “Pattie removed her ‘Yes. Justin Bieber is my son’ bio. She doesn’t even claim him anymore lmaooooooo,” while another tweeted, “It hurts me a lot that Pattie doesn’t claim Justin anymore. But it hurts me still more that Justin doesn’t mind losing important people just to fulfill an absurd caprice.”

Okay,before we all jump on the “Pattie doesn’t claim Justin as her son anymore” bandwagon, there are a ton of reasons why Pattie may have changed her bio. One being that after the engagement news broke, she was probably harassed by his fans on Twitter, and may have changed her bio in an effort to slow down all the messages she received. Another being that perhaps she decided now is the time to separate her identity from her son on social media. Our point is — not all conclusions lead to Pattie disowning Justin.

Of course, many fans DO believe Pattie was shading Justin with the twitter bio move, and some also think the reason behind the shade is because she disapproves of his engagement to Hailey. Fans who believe that theory have pointed to a recent tweet she liked as evidence….

Former Bachelor contestant Sean Lowe recently tweeted, “Before proposing to a woman they’ve only known for a few weeks, I think the final guys on The Bachelorette should come help me scrub my kid’s diarrhea out of my living room rug just to make sure they’re serious about the whole ‘I want a family with you’ thing.” Justin’s mom LIKED the tweet, which prompted some fans to speculate that this was her way of hinting that she is NOT happy about Justin and Hailey rushing into marriage after recently getting back together.

— cloud ? (@JBkidrauhlss) July 20, 2018

— Nette ?? (@Our_Justinxo) July 21, 2018

One fan tweeted, “pattie really liked this tweet. SHES DEFINITELY SO MAD AT JUSTIN. ohh my god. smh @ him, won’t even listen to the woman that raised him. if pattie’s woke, half of this fandom should too…”, while another pointed out, “I’m pretty sure this isn’t any shade towards Justin and Hailey. Pattie is a huge fan of the bachelorette show and has been for many years.”

We’re leaning towards agreeing with that last fan’s comment. It’s completely plausible that Pattie simply liked the Tweet because she’s a longtime Bachelor fan, and it’s simply a funny and truthful message. So let’s not all rush to call out Pattie for having any beef with her son — at least until she publicly comments on how she REALLY feels about Justin and his engagement, herself. (And not with some cryptic social media activity, but with like, actual words.)

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