Paul McCartney shares ‘cool’ sex dreams involving women who aren’t his wife

Sir Paul McCartney has confessed he struggles to stay faithful to his wife – during his explicit sex dreams.

But the 78-year-old music legend – wed to third wife Nancy Shevell, 61, since 2011 – says dreams have given him his best fantasies and song ideas.

Paul said: “Last night’s was pretty good.

“It was of a sexual nature. Pretty cool, though. Very interesting, dreams of a sexual nature when you’re married.

“Your married head is in the dream saying, ‘Don’t do this.’ And just to let you know, I didn’t.”

Paul added how dreams gifted him his best songs. He said: “Let It Be came from a dream where my mother said that phrase.

“Yesterday came from a dream of a melody. I’m a great believer in dreams.”

The Love Me Do singer has said murdered Beatles bandmate John Lennon visits his dreams.

And he admitted the wound of John’s assassination aged 40 in 1980 is still so raw he can barely think about the circumstances of his murder.

Paul added: “It’s difficult for me to think about. I rerun the scenario in my head. Very emotional.

“So much so that I can’t really think about it. It kind of implodes. What can you think about that besides anger, sorrow?

“Like any bereavement, the only way out is to remember how good it was with John. Because I can’t get over the senseless act. I can’t think about it.

“I’m sure it’s some form of denial. But denial is the only way that I can deal with it.

“Having said that, of course I do think about it, and it’s horrible. You do things to help yourself out of it. I did an interview with Sean, his son. That was nice — to talk about how cool John was and fill in little gaps in his knowledge.

“So it’s little things that I am able to do, but I know that none of them can get over the hill and make it OK.

“But you know, after he was killed, he was taken to Frank Campbell’s funeral parlour in New York. I’m often passing that. I never pass it without saying, ‘All right, John. Hi, John’.

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