Queen’s Brian May undergoes surgery as fans flood guitarist with support

Queen legend Brian May has announced he is to go into surgery for his eye this afternoon.

The 73-year-old took to his Instagram to share a mirror selfie for his 2.8million followers, showing himself in his facemask and hospital gown.

Captioning the snap, the musician wrote: “One Vision ! All prepped and waiting … for a little bit of eye surgery.

"I’m in good hands. No need to worry. All in a day’s work … it should really improve my focus – AND my stereoscopic vision.

“It’s a Piece o’ Cake … eeek ! Bri.”

Brian then shared an identical picture of himself but flipped it, after realising his reflection in the mirror had made it appear it was his right eye that had been marked for treatment by surgeons.

He went on: “Actually it should look like this. It’s the LEFT eye that’s marked for treatment.

“A straight selfie (unless hooked up directly to a live IG or similar) doesn’t laterally invert your face – but a mirror does!

“Funny … why do I instinctively prefer the raw mirror image – with my face reversed left to right ?”

He continued to ponder: “I guess we are all so accustomed to seeing our faces in the mirror that we get used to it.

“Maybe that’s why most of us hate most photographs of ourselves !!! Cheers ! Bri."

Fans were quick to flock to the comments to send the guitarists their messages of good luck before he underwent the surgery.

One commented: “Bri, everything will be okay, I'm sure. Be strong and good luck with all this. Love from Italy never give up! Update us on what will happen, please. Stay strong.”

“You cut an intimidating figure in that hella stylish hospital gown, Bri. Glad to hear it’s nothing serious and that your stereoscopic viewing will actually improve (as if it wasn’’t already so attuned you can free-view a mural at 25 paces!!). Wishing you the best xx,” shared another fan.

A third said: “Good luck. We know you’re in good hands. Sending positive vibes and healing prayers!”

A fourth added: “Good luck Bri! Eye surgery can be tough, but it’s always worth it! And you’re a warrior!”

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