Scarlett and Elvis among stars ‘abducted by aliens’ – with scars to ‘prove’ it

More than half of Brits believe aliens exist, according to polls – while one in 10 of us reckon we have seen a UFO.

But some people claim to have actually met extraterrestrials in the flesh and even been abducted by them – including celebrities.

Here Daily Star takes a look at the celebs who claim they were taken to the stars…

Scarlett Moffatt

The I’m A Celebrity star thinks she was abducted by aliens as a child: “When I was about 10 years old, a huge beam of light came into my bedroom and then I had a dream, or what they wanted me to think was a dream, that I was abducted by an alien.”

India Willoughby

In 2018, the Celebrity Big Brother contestant revealed to fellow housemates she had been abducted by aliens in a dream and was left with scars on her back from the experience.

Zayn Malik

The former One Direction singer said he decided to quit the band after “an alien spoke to me in a dream.”

Fran Drescher

Star of TV’s The Nanny and Happily Divorced believes she was abducted by aliens as a child. They implanted a chip in her hand, where she now has a scar.

John Lennon

Former lover May Pang says the Beatles singer told her he thought he’d been abducted by aliens a youngster, while he apparently told pal Uri Geller he’d once met
four aliens outside his New York apartment in the 1970s, who had “big bug eyes and little bug mouths”.

Elvis Presley

The singer claimed he was telepathically
contacted by aliens when he was aged eight.

He said they revealed a future vision of “a man wearing a white suit singing to a crowd”.

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