See Sech and Darell Take ‘Otro Trago’ Into Space at the Latin Grammys

Rising stars Sech and Darell shared the stage with the established hitmaker Ozuna during a space-exploration-themed performance of “Otro Trago” and “Si Te Vas” on Thursday at the Latin Grammys. Sech was nominated in three different categories: Best Urban/Fusion Performance, Best Urban Album and Best Urban Song.

On stage in Las Vegas, “Otro Trago” started as a ballad, with just mournful piano and glum lyrics from Sech, who wore a NASA jacket and bobbed around in front of a rocket ship. In contrast to Sech’s smooth crooning, Darell rapped with the gravelly texture that has become his trademark. Ozuna replaced Darell in time for “Si Te Vas,” and the two singers traded verses while backup dancers waved red umbrellas and danced in formation.

“Otro Trago” was originally released in April as a collaboration between Sech and Darell. Ozuna later contributed to a remix of the track, and the two versions combined have amassed more than half a billion streams on Spotify. Ozuna has a gift for spotting global hits early — he also appeared on the remix of “Te Boté,” a track Darell made with Nio Garcia and Casper Magico that gave each performer their first hit. The re-worked version has nearly two billion views on YouTube.

While “Otro Trago” is Sech’s breakout moment, the singer is not committed to replicating the formula that made him famous. “Thank God [my album] Sueños did as well as it did, but it was just an introduction,” he told Rolling Stone. “I love jazz. It’s handsome and elegant. I want to try mixing jazz mix with urbano. I’m thinking Kamasi Washington, but for reggaeton — give it that flow romantico.”

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