Shawn Mendes Answers Random Questions While Eating Hot Wings

Shawn Mendes shows fans a new side of himself as he answers questions while eating hot wings. Seriously, watching him talk as he is clearly feeling the effects of the spicy wings will make fans love him even more.

It is amazing what people will say when they are under the spicy influence of hot wings, including celebrities. The YouTube show Hot Ones features host Sean Evans interviewing some of your favorite celebs, while they are eating some of the hottest wings on the planet.

Evan’s latest victim, or guest, on the show is none other than singer and songwriter, Shawn Mendes, who kind of crumbled under the pressure. The interview is conducted while each guest faces a challenge—get through 10 wings with each wing getting progressively hotter. Plus, obviously, the guest must keep it together in order to answer the questions. There is even a hot meter to let views know the spicy level of each wing sauce.

19-year-old Mendes went into the challenge feeling confident, but he let Evans know he didn’t want to come off too confident or cocky because he had no idea what was going to happen. Things kick off fine, as the singer discusses the start of his career becoming a breakout star on YouTube and learning to play guitar himself. Mendes also touches on his beginning days of high school, as he was becoming a pop star at that time.

The Canadian teenager does not seem uncomfortable at all with the questions Evans is asking. He dishes about Justin Bieber, hockey, his upcoming album, how he is adjusting to life as a global traveling pop star and crazy fan encounters. However, as the wing level gets hotter, Mendes visibly appears to be having difficulty answering the questions. His physical transformation from the beginning of the almost 23-minute interview is quite amazing.

Shawn Mendes has played sold-out arena with Taylor Swift and become a singing sensation in just a few years. But the other day, he faced one of his biggest challenges yet when he appeared on Hot Ones. The wings definitely get the best of him in the end but the entire interview is worth watching. He and Evans chat about a lot of cool things, despite the hot wings between them.

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