Snakes, Rockets & Her Dad Scott! Everything to Know About Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour

Aside from performing the newest songs off her record-breaking reputation album, Swift revealed she will also be playing 10 songs from her previous albums.

“On the tour, there will be three stages. The reason why I want there to be three is because I want to be able to get as close to you as possible,” Swift previously said. (Her mom Andrea’s dog Kitty also made a cameo.)

The stage is also the “biggest” stage Swift has ever had on tour. “It’s got a video screen wall that’s pretty seamless,” she said about the 110 ft. stage. “It’s kind of like you’re walking on an optical illusion.”

“This tour, it’s called the Rep Room, so that will be the room where we’re gonna be looking in all kinds of different ways to get people and find people I’m gonna meet after the show,” she said. In a sneak peek of the room, fans could see “Taylor Burton” movie posters, snake motifs and the throne from her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

“I think I would do this,” Swift’s dad Scott replied after his daughter asked what he would do if fans approached him at concerts while holding out a couple guitar picks — and a piece of lint.

Scott also posed for selfies with fans and handed out guitar picks on a Segway ahead of Swift’s show in Arizona.

“One day without rehearsing, but then we’re just gonna get right back at it,” the singer said on a rare day off when she and her backup dancers recreated a line from the song “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

The youngest dancer Swift has on stage with her is just 18 years old: Meet Jazz and all the other artists joining her on stage.

Swift revealed she’ll be playing the piano for two songs — one new and one old. “Look! She’s so pretty,” she said about the instrument.

All new tour merch is available, and as expected there are a ton of distressed sweatshirts, snake rings and glow sticks for Swifties to stock up on.

Nope, that’s not a Taylor Swift newspaper. “We’ve had a lot of time to be very detail-oriented,” she said in a video. “This may look to you like a regular newspaper. It is in fact confetti.”

And though we’re guessing no one will be in a rush to leave the stadium, there’s another reason for fans to stick around: a blooper reel of tour rehearsals will play at the end of each show.

A “rocket sled” will be used to jet her across the stadium.

“It takes me from one place really quickly to another place, and the stage is so big that I guess we need that,” said Swift on her Instagram Story, which showed her demonstrating her new vehicle.

“Quick change in here … run, hustle down here. Lay down here, and then … I’ll just disappear to somewhere else,” she said.

“So I’m gonna show you some little hints at what I’ll be wearing. So right now, we’re looking at around eight costume changes, and so I’m gonna show you just a few, like little, little close-up things,” she told her fans while showing off three separate pieces that all contained sequins.

One mic just isn’t enough for the superstar. In a series of videos, Swift revealed there will be a rose-gold mic, two newspaper-print mics, a regular gold mic (“Because why not?”), a mic with a “snake attacking it,” a sparkly green mic and a mic from her 1989 World Tour in desperate need of some refurbishing.

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