Spencer Pratt Related to 'Hate' Taylor Swift Received, Reveals Singer Thanked Him for Support

Spencer Pratt is one of the biggest Swifties around.

The one-time Hills villain and his wife Heidi Pratt excitedly documented their trip to the superstar’s Rose Bowl stop of her Reputation Stadium Tour last month, and now the reality star is opening up about their time backstage with Swift.

“Everyone was throwing snakes on her comments because of something I knew in my heart that Taylor Swift would have never [done],” Pratt told Jenny McCarthy on her Sirius XM show in a new interview, referring to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West’s claims that Swift approved of his “Famous” lyrics about her. “She’s the biggest star on the planet. She doesn’t need to approve Kanye to say some trashy ass lyrics like that.”

Swift has maintained that she was never made aware of the actual lyrics, ‘I made that bitch famous’ and wasn’t heard approving that line in a phone call Kardashian West leaked on her Snapchat account in 2016.

Pratt, 34, says he related to the Grammy winner, 28, when everyone “jumped” on the “Let’s hate Taylor” train. “I felt that same hate that she was dealing with on an even bigger scale,” he said.

Then when she released her biting single “Look What You Made Me Do,” Pratt’s admiration for the star reached a whole new level.

“Even Heidi says it’s like the Holy Spirit took over me. I felt it so passionately. And then the album was so freakin’ unbelievable that it made even being a real fan so easy,” he said. “I really did get addicted to playing ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ … I said, ‘God, I hope Taylor knows I’m out here really supporting her.”

Turns out, Swift indeed felt his support. Ahead of her tour kicking off, the star sent the Pratts a VIP invite — but when they arrived at the concert, they were shocked to discover they had front-row seats.

But the surprise didn’t end there: They also got to meet the “Delicate” singer before she hit the stage.

“I get an e-mail from her publicist — the angel from heaven, Tree — she’s like ‘Hey, we’re gonna pull you back before the show.’ She brought us into her dressing room before the show, and her and her mom were thanking me for my support.”

And though she had more than 60,000 fans waiting for her just feet away, Pratt says he, Heidi and their baby boy Gunner had Swift’s full attention.

“She is the real deal. This girl deserves all her success,” he told McCarthy, adding that he gifted Swift a crystal. “It was just super powerful for me as an egomaniac to see.”

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