Stacey Solomon says privates are ‘completely broken’ after birth of daughter

New mum Stacey Solomon has told fans that her privates are "completely broken" after giving birth to her new daughter and that she is wearing adult nappies.

Stacey gave birth to little Rose on her 32nd birthday on October 4.

In an Instagram live chat, Stacey was in bed next to the sleeping infant answering questions from fans.

One queried if she felt “broody” as little Rose was so adorable and asked if the Loose Women panellist wanted any more kids as it is said a woman is extra fertile just after giving birth.

Laughing, Stacey said that her “noon” was “100 per cent broken” and went on: "I take my hat off to anyone who can even think about procreating 11 days after giving birth.

"I mean I could be wrong (probably am) but I don't think anyone in the history of getting pregnant ever got pregnant while still needing adult nappies to catch the afterbirth.

During the video, Stacey also said: "Oh my gosh I read this message while I was on the toilet just getting a fresh pair of these bad boys on."

Pinging the elasticated waistband which could be seen underneath her trousers, Stacey added: "My nuni is still broken to be completely honest.

"But trust me no one ever got pregnant while still wearing these. So we're safe."

Stacey, also mum to Leighton, Zachary and Rex, revealed her daughter’s pretty name earlier this week and shared on social media: “Our beautiful flower – Our precious jewel – who is ever loved. It’s been the most magical week. We love you to the moon and back our little Rose.

"We feel so so lucky to have you here… Thank you all for your loveliness, your kindness and just being there at 3 am for a chat it’s been the best. Love you all.”

Meanwhile Danielle Lloyd, also expecting a baby girl, said she is "gutted" that Stacey chose the name Rose first.

She told OK magazine: "It was a really meaningful name to Michael as well, but we will still have Rose somewhere in her name."

She added: "When I saw Stacey’s girl’s name, I texted Michael going, 'Noo! She’s called her Rose!'

"It is a really cute name, though."

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