The Latest Update On Nick Carter’s New Baby’s Health Struggles Revealed

Nick Carter and wife Lauren Kitt have been open about both the joys and the heartbreak that have come along with having children. The parents of a son, Odin, and a daughter, Saorise, have discussed the fact that they’ve experienced multiple miscarriages, according to People. They also admitted that they were surprised to be expecting their third child. However, when the baby was born, the star revealed that something wasn’t quite right.

“We are proud to announce that our baby has officially arrived,” Carter tweeted on April 22, 2021. Continuing by noting that “as a parent knows all to[o] very well, sometimes things don’t turn out the way you plan it,” he explained, “We have been experiencing some minor complications but things are looking a little better after the first night.”

While it certainly sounded like the family was dealing with a worrisome situation, Carter took to Twitter again the next day to give his followers an update on what was going on.

Nick Carter's and his family aren't 'out of the woods yet'

Following the announcement from Nick Carter that he and his wife, Lauren Kitt, had welcomed their third child into the world with some complications, the star took to Twitter again to give his fans and followers an update. While he held off on revealing the little one’s name or whether they’d had a boy or a girl, he did offer some info on what was going on.

“Ok. So everything is looking better but we’re not out of the woods yet,” Carter tweeted on April 23, 2021, a day after posting about the child’s arrival. He also revealed that they had “to stay in the hospital one more night,” however, he added, “But Daddy and Mommy are watching baby like a Hawk.”

While also posting on Instagram about how he was missing his other “babies,” Carter’s tweet went on to thank everyone for their “love and support,” which is surely helping them get through this time that is likely filled with a mix of unavoidable worry and overwhelming love.

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