The truth about Christian Serratos’ boyfriend

Selena actress Christian Serratos and her boyfriend, musician David Boyd, are one of the most adorable celebrity couples. Judging by Boyd’s Instagram, the pair are seemingly quite in love. According to People, the two have been together since 2014.

In March 2017, Serratos and Boyd announced the exciting news that they were expecting their first child together. A source revealed to People, “They’re extremely happy and have been looking forward to starting a family.” The actress debuted her baby bump on Mar. 17, 2017, when she hit the red carpet for a PaleyFest event for The Walking Dead. Serratos shared the first picture of their daughter, Wolfgang Serratos Boyd, aka Wolf, to her Instagram account on May 14, 2017, which was Mother’s Day. The photo caption read, “Happy Mothers Day from little W and me!”

While the couple would love to have more children, either naturally or through adoption, Serratos is more than happy with how things are now. “I feel super fulfilled. A lot of people talk about [how] they know that their family isn’t finished. I don’t know — our family could be, but only time will tell,” Serratos revealed to People in December 2020. While fans of The Walking Dead are familiar with Serratos, her longtime companion doesn’t have quite as high a profile as she does. Keep reading to learn all about Boyd.

Christian Serratos' boyfriend, David Boyd, is a rocker who invented 'Boyding'

David Boyd, born on Feb. 6, 1988, in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the lead vocalist of the Danish alternative rock band New Politics. Emerging in 2009, the band found success early on with the singles “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and “Harlem,” both of which appeared in popular commercials for Dell and Taco Bell, according to USA Today.

After releasing their debut album in 2010, the group released a handful of well-received major-label LPs, including 2013’s A Bad Girl in Harlem, and most recently, 2019’s An Invitation to an Alternate Reality. New Politics has toured with some famous musicians and bands, including Fall Out Boy, Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars, and Pink.

Boyd used to be a breakdancer, he told USA Today of his talent, “I’ll breakdance wherever they let me.” Boyd revealed to Red Bull how a headstand move he invented, “Boyding,” came to be. “We’d dance a lot and would end with me standing on my head. One of our friends said, ‘It’s kind of like planking. You should call it Boyding.’ So we started doing that. We didn’t know that anyone was going to take it this seriously. It’s like who the hell would want to stand on their head like that? A bunch of kids are doing it now. They’re hashtagging it!” 

While Boyd is not an actor, continue scrolling for details on his appearance on The Walking Dead came to be.

David Boyd played a zombie on The Walking Dead

David Boyd guest-starred as a zombie on Christian Serratos’ hit show The Walking Dead in Season 7. “It’s funny because he looks like a f***ing walker. I think that’s how [director, EP, and zombie guru Greg Nicotero] and I started talking about it initially. He has just the perfect face for the walker makeup,” Serratos told Entertainment Weekly in 2017. “Like, there are very specific requirements to be a walker, and David had all those requirements, so yeah, he was a walker.” 

Serratos also revealed the best part about having her long-term partner work on The Walking Dead with her. “I was like, well if we’re going to have him on the show, I need to kill him,” she said. “So he was a walker in the episode with me and Sonequa, and I killed him.”

Serratos also stars in the Netflix series Selena about the iconic Mexican-American singer and Boyd has been entirely supportive of her new role. On his Instagram page, he posted several photos promoting the show as well as a screenshot of the show being number one on Netflix, along with the caption, “Nr. 1!!!! Go go go buba, you deserve everything in the of this. It’s only the beginning.” 

Is he a catch, or what? We should all be so lucky to have such a supportive partner.

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