This Morning fans gobsmacked as they learn celeb chefs don’t cook food on show

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Celebrity chefs are well known for using the phase "here's one we made earlier" where they pull a dish out from beneath the counter which is made by somebody else to save time during live TV segments.

Clodagh McKenna revealed the secret on Instagram when showing fans behind-the-scenes videos of the ITV show, This Morning.

The 46-year-old chef, filmed the daytime TV show's kitchen and introduced members of the production team who help with the smooth running of the programme.

Clodagh shared a video to Instagram explaining one of the team members, Tilly, was hired as the chef that cooks the dished which are unveiling to viewers during the live show.

She said: "This is gorgeous Natalie. She makes everything fabulous, and lovely Hannah,” before turning to the chef.

Tilly was seen wearing an apron and waving at the camera as Clodagh said: "Tilly, the brilliant cook, who actually cooked some pie today!

"So we are making this gorgeous chicken pie. With mushroom and kale, or cabbage. I think we are on at 12:15? See you at 12:15!”

Main hosts, Philip Scofield and Holly Willoughby are often seen enjoying the celebrity dishes which are made.

A spokesperson for ITV told the Mirror, Tilly is there to help make the pre-made pie, whilst Clodagh cooked live on the show.

They said: "All TV shows with a food element will have a food technician that work with the chefs to help prep the ingredients and additional dishes required for a live show and aid with the several versions required throughout the morning…

"But of course they are the chefs own recipes and the chef of course cook live on the show too when it's time for their item.

"In this case, Tilly would have helped get the dish ready that was needed at the start of the show to show viewers what dish will look like later."

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am.

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