Tom Cruise’s bizarre on set rule revealed by his The Mummy co-star

A former co-star of Tom Cruise has revealed the Hollwood's actor banned fellow actors from "running with him on set".

Annabelle Wallis, who starred with Cruise in The Mummy in 2017, made the admission in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

She told how she managed to persuade the actor to allow her to run with him after he explained that he doesn't allow his fellow actors to do that.

She said: “I got to run on-screen with him, but he told me no at first.

"He said, ‘Nobody runs on-screen [with me],’ and I said, ‘But I’m a really good runner'.

“So, I would time my treadmill so that he’d walk in and see me run. And then he added all these running scenes. So, that was it.”

“It was, like, better than an Oscar. I was so happy! I was so happy that I got to run on-screen with Tom Cruise,” she said.

Wallis comments come after another one of Cruise's co-stars Thandie Newton told how she felt scared of him.

Newton worked with Cruise on Mission: Impossible II in 2000 and played his love love interest.

In an interview with Vulture she said she was 'terrified and insecure' on-set of the movie.

Thandie, 47, admitted: "I was so scared of Tom. He was a very dominant individual. He tries super hard to be a nice person. But the pressure. He takes on a lot."

“There was one time, we were doing this night scene, there were so many extras with pyrotechnics and you name it, and it was a scene with him and me on the balcony,” she said.

“And I don’t think it was a very well-written scene. I get angry with him. We’re frustrated with each other. And we’re looking out over Spain. It wasn’t going well.”

Cruise’s former co-star on  The Outsiders,  Rob Lowe also revealed recently that Cruise hit out at him when he heard they would be sharing a hotel room during the making of the 1983 film.

He said:“(It was the) first time I ever stayed at The Plaza Hotel, and we check-in, and Tom finds out that we’re sharing a room and just goes ballistic."

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