Toronto Metal Band Break Up in the Most Epic and Brutally Honest Way — and the Internet Loves it!

They came, they rocked, they split up!

On Sunday, Toronto metal band Witchrot posted an announcement to their Facebook page and gave fans an awkwardly-blunt status update about the group.

“Due to the unfortunate reality of our guitarist f— my girlfriend of almost 7 years WITCHROT will be taking an extended hiatus,” the post began. “I however will continue the band in another space and time, being ripe with hate the music is slowly flowing and without a doubt will become the most devastating, torturous music I have ever created.”

The message was signed by Peter, a member of Witchrot, who later directed fans to his other band, CRAZY BONES. “Thanks for the support, stay heavy,” he wrote.

The post was also shared alongside a photo of a broken guitar in a snowy dumpster surrounded by beer cans, empty water bottles, and cardboard. (Are you really a rockstar without gloriously destroying at least one instrument?)

But that wasn’t all: at the end of the very awkward post, Peter slid in one final detail. “Also our drummer died…” he wrote.

As of right now, it is not clear if the band’s drummer is actually dead and whether the group — who says they are all about “hex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” — has broken up.

Though Witchrot has had a Facebook presence since the beginning of November, their Instagram and Twitter accounts were just created on Tuesday. Because of this, followers aren’t sure if this is most savage band breakups of all time or simply one of the most clever musical publicity stunts.

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Regardless of the truth, the Internet has been going nuts over the brutally-honest breakup for a band that many were not familiar with before this announcement.

Not only has the post been shared on Facebook over 12,500 times, but it has also garnered over 14,000 reactions — which is pretty impressive considering their page only has 6,726 likes.

“This is definitely one of the greatest band breakup announcements of all time, real or not. Also..I’m dead,” wrote one Facebook user.

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“Don’t know the band but I love the message,” added someone else on Facebook.

On Twitter, one user’s tweet, where he claimed the stunt was his “favorite band breakup notice ever,” has gained over 26,000 retweets and 111,000 likes.

“I got f— whiplash from that ending,” tweeted someone else, referencing the abrupt death mention.

Some people were even optimistic about a possible revival, given the Internet’s reaction to the post. “I think after all the publicity #Witchrot might be ready for a comeback tour and album,” a user jokingly tweeted.

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