Tristan Thompson Caught Cheating On Khloe Kardashian

Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson has found himself in quite the pickle after getting caught cheating on celebrity girlfriend Khloe Kardashian—on separate occasions, with different women at that.

A video obtained by TMZ, dating back to Oct. 7, 2018,  of last year, shows the power forward going brave and getting intimately comfy with two females at a hookah lounge outside Washington D.C. There are actually three women in the video, but Thompson only got racy with two of them.

The footage exposed the 27-year-old tongue kissing one of the women, later putting his head between another’s breasts and “motorboating” her before she grabs his manhood.

Khloe, who is pregnant with Thompson’s daughter, is due to give birth anytime this month. She is understood to have been three months in on the night in question.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the 2016 NBA champion was spotted taking a mystery brunette to his hotel room in New York on Saturday. The woman, later identified as Instagram model Lani Blair, was filmed accompanying the star to the Four Seasons hotel, which was occupied by the Cavs at the time after she was described as being “all over him” at a New York nightclub.

Witnesses revealed that Lani spent around four hours at the hotel before they were seen leaving, this time with the player wearing different clothing. They returned around 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, with the model leaving the following night wearing the same outfit and carrying a Louis Vuitton overnight bag.

Khloe, meanwhile, can’t be very happy given this latest development. She is currently in Cleveland waiting to give birth, and a source close to her has said that she will remain there and stick to the plan amid the cheating revelations.

“It’s too late in the pregnancy for Khloé to fly back to L.A. right now,” the source is quoted as saying. “Even on a private jet with a doctor on board.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has yet to comment on the reports, and neither has Thompson. But there’s likely to be some form of response from the 33-year-old, possibly after she gives birth.

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