WATCH: Luke Bryan Jokes That Katy Perry 'Upstaged' Him and Lionel Richie in New American Idol Behind-the-Scenes Teaser

Luke Bryan has been officially “upstaged” by Katy Perry.

In a PEOPLE exclusive behind-the-scenes teaser of the upcoming American Idol season, the 41-year-old country crooner and fellow judge Lionel Richie watch Perry, 33, as she arrives on set for a promo shoot.

Standing side-by-side, Bryan and Richie, who both wear green pilot uniforms, observe as Perry walks past them in an airport hangar.

“Ready boys?” Perry asks with a laugh as she playfully breezes by with both hands on her waist.

Rocking a short, bleached haircut and a form-fitting pilot jumpsuit with a zipper down the front, the pop star is clearly confident in her look.

“We just got upstaged,” Bryan tells Richie.

“Ya we did, ya we did,” the “Hello” singer, 69, agrees with a defeated glance toward Perry.

In an exclusive picture from the promo shoot, Perry rests her arms on the shoulders of her fellow judges, who are kicking off the judge auditions in Denver, Colorado. Meanwhile Bryan looks at Richie, who is facing the camera, with a serious expression.

An official air date has not yet been set for American Idol‘s return.

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