Yung Baby Tate Claps Back at Haters Saying She Can’t Be Successful Due to Her Body and Skin Tone

The ‘Poof Be Gone’ raptress and ‘LHH’ star, who just signed a major record deal last year, makes it clear that her body type and skin color have nothing to do with her career.

AceShowbizYung Baby Tate is defending herself from some online trolls. The “Poof Be Gone” raptress made it clear that her body type and skin color have nothing to do with her career.

The online debate started after Baby Tate shared a glam picture of herself on Twitter on Tuesday, January 4. “I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful,” she playfully captioned her photo.

A fan, however, didn’t find her post amusing as the person wrote, “can’t stand u omg snsnsjsj a.” To that, the “Eenie Meenie” spitter replied, “I’m just trying to get further in my career.”

Her reply apparently sparked further discussion. “Baby Tate would be further if her skin was lighter .. truth be told, because talent is undeniable!!!” one person opined, serving what seemed to be a backhanded compliment. Defending the hip-hop star, one fan responded, “Shawty was on Love & Hip Hop, had one of the biggest records last year, & just signed to a major label.. She’s about to blow the f**k up. Why must black people think about this about our own people?”

After the person person claimed that she didn’t mean it as a backhanded compliment, Baby Tate clapped back, “U wanna know why I am (in your eyes) ‘not as sucessful’ as the lightskinned ppl you think I should be more succesful than? I’ve been an independent artist for the past 7 years. Not because I’m BROWN without a BBL.”

She went on to add, “Nobody misinterpreted your tweet. You think I have not been accepted in the industry due to my skin tone and body shape. And what I am telling you is that there is no woman lighter than me with no record deal that is further than me. If there is plz show me. I was independent.”

The user, however, accused Baby Tate of “projecting” and it didn’t sit well with the artist. “YALL are literally projecting onto me lmfaoooo saying I’m not successful because of my skin tone and body shape like what,” Baby Tate argued.

“I’m very aware that colorism is real. I have experienced it. But it’s not the reason I’m not further in my career as ppl *think* I should be,” she continued explaining. “I personally think I’m in the perfect place. So I’m not gonna allow other ppl to tell me otherwise.”

Making her point, Baby Tate reminded people that she “just signed my first major deal in August.” She added, “Ain’t even drop a project yet. Y’all calm down. My fat black self will be aight.”

Upon knowing the heated back-and-forth, Internet users expressed support for Baby Tate. “And then the moment she gets something done to her body ppl are going to talk about her even crazier. Smh ppl cant win anymore,” one person commented. “I mean let’s be real they was calling sus fat because she got a normal damn tummy,” someone else wrote.

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