Zach Herron N-Word, Why Don't We Racial Slur Scandal, Video

Why Don’t We member Zach Herron is currently under fire after he was caught on video saying the N-word. The 17-year-old singer was doing karaoke with friends, including bandmate Daniel Seavey, a few days ago when Lil Dicky‘s “Freaky Friday” started playing. There’s a part in the song where Chris Brown says the racial slur multiple times a matter of seconds. You would think the teen would refrain from singing along at this particular moment of the tune, but instead he kept the lip-synching going, even when his friend started filming.

When fans saw the video, many of them were absolutely outraged that their fave would use such an offensive word, even if he was just singing along to a tune.

Other people, however, don’t believe the 17-year-old deserves the amount of criticism he’s getting because he was simply singing lyrics.

Zach has neither apologized for saying the N-word, nor responded to the backlash at all.

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