10 Vacation Spots Just Beyond The Border

What if everything you and your family would ask for from your dream vacation is just across the border? You don’t have to spend months of searching and calculating to find the best vacation spots outside the USA. If you choose vacation spots close to the border, you always have that feeling that everything is Ok.

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You also get to spend less as you can drive or just take a walk over the border and still enjoy the benefits of a vacation abroad. Here are ten vacation spots just beyond the border you should visit on your next trip.


Campobello island is just a few feet from the US Canada border accessible by road from Lubem Maine. Here you will find the world’s first international park named after President Roosevelt. It has the 34 room summer cottage frequented by the president`s family in the 20s and 30s.

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It is a great retreat to enjoy American history and get a look at the former president’s favorite scenic view on the picnic spots all over the park. Access to the summer cottage is free, and you get to enjoy a life of the early 30S with stories and tea from the staff.


This is a resort city also accessible by a short drive from Maine along the Bay of Fundy. It is a short drive from the border and also accessible by bus.  You can take a day trip or stay the night at the fine resorts, enjoy a camp by the sea and a walk on the sea bed at low tide.

It is a typical beach town with lots of activities such as whale watching, kayaking, boat touring, scuba diving, and fishing. The best time to visit if you intend to watch marine life is during the warm months from July to October.


It is part of the Nothern tip on Minnesota sharing a land border with Manitoba. It is the best place to go fishing, kayaking, swimming, or skiing, especially in the summer and autumn around The Lake of The Woods.

To reach the Northwest Angle by road, you have to drive to Canada through the Warroad-Sprague border crossing MN, then drive back into the US. You can also go by boat, just remember to video call customs. The whole journey is only 60 miles of a scenic view and cool air, which is why many people love making the intricate trip.


Niagra falls is one of New York`s most famous vacation spots. While the new York side of the crystal waterfront is amazing, the Ontario side is even more breathtaking. It is not regulated as a national park, so you don’t need any documents to visit and enjoy your day with nature.

You can simply walk across the border on the footpath and enjoy the scenic view from the Canadian side of the border. The streets near the falls are also filled with art and souvenirs. You can also proceed to Toronto via train or bus for more fun, all within a day.


Windsor is the most famous weekend escape in Detroit for history and nature lovers. Its proximity to Detroit allows you to feel at home. Apart from crossing the border, it is hard to notice that you are in Canada.

The Ojibway Prairie complex nature park and the other nature parks in the city are great spots for bird watching, interacting with wildlife, and hiking. You can also go for a shopping spree for art and food as well as fun activities at the beach. Yes, there is a beach.


Vancouver Island is the dream vacation city for many Americans, and it happens to be a bus ride away from Seattle or Washington. You only need your EID, passport, or EDL to go shopping on the glamorous Island.

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There is something for everyone in Vancouver, including lakeside parks for nature lovers, Beaches, and even the British history museum for history enthusiasts. You can also go for a walk on the hanging Capilano bridge or enjoy the scenic view of the grouse mountain.


Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world, and it happens to be just 30 miles from the Pigeon River border crossing in Minnesota. There are lots of attractions for family trips and lone tourists, including the Thunder bay art gallery, ski resorts, and lots of parks.

Thunder bay also offers the full view of the sleeping giant, which many people consider one of Canada`s seven wonders. It is perfect for a day trip or a more extended vacation with lots of interesting things to do, including hiking and kayaking.


Palomas or simply the pink town is a small town of about 5,000 people 1.4 miles south of New Mexico. It is flooded daily by American shoppers who need trinkets and Mexican art as well as those seeking cheap dental check-ups and prescription medicine.

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It makes an excellent spot for a day in Mexico as you don’t need a tourist visa or even a passport; just walk, have fun, and walk back. The Pink store restaurant and resort also serves lots of Mexican cuisines.


It is the Canadian side of the Glacier international Park in Montana, accessed through Montana Highway 17.  It is just a 30-minute drive from the border suitable for a day trip or weekend getaway. The Canadian side gives you a chance of driving through the Red Rock Canyon with more wildlife sightings, especially Grizzlies.

The whole park is a great place to spend the day with nature enjoying water sports and scenic drives. The city is also tourist-friendly with an art gallery, restaurants, and a museum. You can also enjoy cruises, and boat rides on Waterton lake.


If you are in Alaska, it is easy to go for a stroll into the world`s smallest desert in Yukon. Carcross is a small historical village south of Klondike highway a few minutes drive across the border. It has lots of history dating back to the Goldrush, but now the lake shores are only full of tanning tourists.

You can also enjoy a hike or a bike ride up the mountain. Local resorts offer a dog ride up the mountain. You need to look out for Caribou crossing the roads while driving.

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