The 15 Quietest Dog Breeds

Dogs bark to communicate — think of it like their private puppy language. But when your pet has a lot to say at 4AM, or in the afternoon when the kids are napping, or incessantly for no reason at all, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Almost all dogs bark (except for one totally silent breed on page 5). However, certain dog breeds are more likely to stay quiet most of the time, while others are prone to excessive barking from boredom, loneliness, attention seeking, or playing.

You can train your dog to bark less often. The easier way? Choose a quiet breed who won’t bark a lot in the first place.

1. Bulldog

They’re typically calm and quiet. | White_bcgrd/iStock/Getty Images

A long nap on the couch sounds much more appealing to a bulldog than barking at every passing squirrel. This breed stays calm and composed most of the time, making him one of the quietest breeds you can choose. He’s also affectionate, good with kids, and perfectly content in small spaces.

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2. Bernese mountain dog

They only bark if there’s a reason. | Foto-front/iStock/Getty Images

These dogs are incredibly family oriented and are known for becoming attached to one specific person. They’re loyal, smart, calm, and personable, plus they’re not likely to bark without due cause.

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3. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

They’re thankfully not yippy dogs. | JLSnader/iStock/Getty Images

Looking for the quintessential lap dog? An adorable Cavalier King Charles might fit the bill. She may be small in stature, but this sweet, good-natured breed isn’t often yippy and annoying. She’ll bark to let you know there’s someone at the door and then settle back down on the couch for a snooze.

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4. French bulldog

They’re pretty chill little dogs. | bruev/iStock/Getty Images

Perfect for apartment owners, a French bulldog doesn’t require a lot of exercise and won’t annoy the neighbors with constant barking, either. This is a rare and popular breed thanks to his excellent companionship. Be prepared to go on a waitlist if you really want one.

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5. Basenji

Their name actually means “barkless dog.” | Yurikr/iStock/Getty Images

If you really can’t stand barking but you still want a dog, consider this unique breed for your family. The name “basenji” translates to “barkless dog.” While he doesn’t bark, he does emit strange yodeling and whining noises, and can be a little tricky for a novice owner. You’ll need to show this headstrong and stubborn breed who’s boss.

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6. Borzoi

They probably won’t even bark at an intruder. | bruev/iStock/Getty Images

He runs like a greyhound and he’s quiet like a cat. This sleek, elegant breed has a laid-back personality and a high level of athleticism. They’re excellent hunters, but they make terrible guard dogs. This breed won’t bark very often even if your house is being robbed.

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7. Scottish deerhound

They’re calm, gentle giants. | Brown

Sir Walter Scott once described his deerhound as, “the most perfect creature of heaven.” This calm, elegant, dignified breed is friendly to everyone from family to strangers and has a loving disposition. They’re not recommended for multi-pet homes with small animals because they could see them as prey. But no matter where you live, this gentle giant won’t bark.

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8. Soft-coated wheaten terrier

They’re pretty easygoing for a terrier. | tripletenphoto/iStock/Getty Images

Some terriers are high strung — the soft-coated wheaten terrier is decidedly laid-back. This easygoing dog will adjust to any type of living situation and will instantly become a loving member of the family. He’s also less prone to frequent barking compared to other terriers.

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9. Shiba Inu

They’re not prone to barking. | irontrybex/iStock/Getty Images

Native to Japan, the Shiba Inu breed is highly intelligent — and not prone to unnecessary barking. You’ll need to show this strong-willed pup who’s boss from the get-go, but once you assert your authority, he’s intensely loyal.

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10. Whippet

They’re friendly, even with strangers. | Onetouchspark/iStock/Getty Images

Affectionately known as the “poor man’s greyhound,” whippets won’t drive you crazy by barking all the time. These medium-sized dogs have streamlined bodies made for athletics and usually socialize well with other dogs and people. They’re not very good watchdogs and are likely to make friends with the people breaking into your house.

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11. Shih tzu

They’re happy relaxing all day. | Tailex/iStock/Getty Images

His name means “little lion,” but that doesn’t mean your shih tzu will roar — or bark — all day long. This outgoing, affectionate, good-natured breed is content to just follow you around and curl up in your lap to relax.

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12. Saluki

They’re much too noble to be barkers. |

Graceful, sleek, and reserved, a saluki would never tarnish his noble nature with incessant barking. He’s likely to become timid and shy without early socialization, so be sure to get him out of the house and interacting from an early age. Salukis also need lots of exercise.

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13. Rhodesian ridgeback

They’re quiet companions. | tkatsai/iStock/Getty Images

Rhodesian ridgebacks were originally bred in Africa and even used to hunt lions. They excel in a variety of athletic endeavors, yet they remain quiet and faithful companions who won’t bark up a storm. Looking for a hiking or running buddy? This is one of your best bets.

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14. Dalmation

They might be energetic, but they’re not known for barking. | GlobalP/iStock/Getty Images

These high energy dogs can be exhausting, but at least they won’t tire out your eardrums. Dalmations are not known for barking all the time. Just be aware that if you choose a Dalmatian, you’ll need to provide her with plenty of training from puppyhood. These highly intelligent dogs need rules or they’ll try to run things.

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15. Doberman pinscher

They’ll only bark as an alert. | Koljambus/iStock/Getty Images

Dobies are intelligent, alert, and loyal. They’re well-known for being sleek and athletic, and they make excellent guard dogs. But unless your beloved pup is alerting you to an intrusion, don’t anticipate a whole lot of barking.

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