Airbnb host goes viral after receiving stupid texts from guest – including how to open the fridge

AN Airbnb host has gone viral after sharing the moronic texts she received from a guest staying at her property.

Tiktok user Michelle posted a video revealing the conversations she'd had with a guest, who seemed to struggle to do basic tasks.

It's not uncommon for an Airbnb guest to contact their host with a question during their stay, but this woman needed help with pretty much everything she did in the apartment she was staying at in Ontario, Canada.

Michelle, who uses the handle @theflowertruck, shared the video with the caption: "I just need to know if my Airbnb guest is okay."

In the video, Michelle showed a screenshot of a text conversation between her and the guest who couldn't work out how to open the fridge.

The guest sent a text which said: "Hey, I just wanted to confirm if I could use the refrigerator because it's locked?"

Michelle replied: "There is no lock on it. Perhaps you are trying to open it from the wrong side?"

The guest replied: "Ok yes sorry."

Later, Michelle received another text from the guest who was having some trouble turning on the hob.

The text said: "Hey, the gas isn't turning on. It turns on for two seconds and goes back off. How can I fix this?"

Michelle asked: "What do you mean by gas?", to which the guest replied: "The stove top."

Michelle said: "You should just turn the knob and leave it in place. There's no gas."

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The guest couldn't work out how to open the fridge – it turns out they were trying to open it from the wrong side
The guest was confused at why the hob wasn't heating up much – even though the dial was set at a low heat

The guest replied: "It turns red for two minutes and turns off", to which Michelle asked for a photo to understand what was going on.

She received a picture showing the hob was barely turned on and the dial obviously needed turning up higher.

Michelle replied: "So it looks like it's only at level three so there wouldn't be much heat. Turn it more so it's closer to high."

Shortly after, Michelle received another text which said: "Hey Michelle, I had ordered some food and the delivery driver said he left it on the porch but I can't find it. Did you receive it?"

Michelle then checked her security camera which showed the food on the porch – as the driver had said.

In the footage, the guest came out of the property and looked on the ground instead of on the porch before she went back inside empty-handed, to which Michelle commented: "Very thorough check of 'the porch'."

The video has been watched 3.5m times and viewers were shocked that the woman has made it this far in life.

One person wrote: "Genuinely curious how this person managed to make the reservation in the first place."

Another put: "Tried to get her ingredients, tried to cook food, then decided to order delivery. Zero out of three finished successfully."

Someone else wrote: "Your guest was definitely two children in a trench coat."

A fourth put: "I feel like they were never taught how to adult."

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