Why you should ALWAYS wear those free slippers when staying in hotel bedrooms – and it's gross

Hotel expert Jacob Tomsky exclusively revealed to Sun Online Travel that the carpets are the filthiest part of the room.

As a result you’ll never want to walk around barefoot on them again – it’s all about wearing the free slippers you’re given.

Jacob is the author of Heads In Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles and So-Called Hospitality, and worked in the hotel business for ten years.

He said: “The dirtiest part of a hotel room are the carpets.

“Yes, they are vacuumed but they will almost never get a shampoo and a deep clean as there are constantly people staying in the rooms.

He added: “Carpets need properly cleaning more than they ever are.

“There’s also a high chance of there being fragments of smashed glass in them from where people have broken glasses.”

Jacob also recommends that you don’t use the decorative pillows that are often arranged on the beds.

He said: “These are never cleaned and are mostly chucked on the floor by guests – they are dirty.”

Jacob also said that people behave like “children” when they are staying at a hotel.

He said: “You can imagine the sort of filth that people leave behind.

He continued: “Blood, drugs and sex. People have disgusting habits and cleaning them up is all part and parcel of working in a hotel.”

Jacob previously told Sun Online Travel that you should be polite to hotel staff – in case they take their frustration out on you in filthy fashion.

He told us: “If you upset room service then they could spit in your food – the same as in any restaurant."

“It’s not just about being polite to room service though. Hotels are a hierarchy.


He continued: “Staff definitely talk about guests – you’d be naive to think otherwise. It’s one of our few pleasures!

“News will spread very quickly through the hotel about horrible guests.”

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