Apple Camping in Pembrokeshire offers guests the chance to go glamping in a FLYING SAUCER

This UFO holiday home in Redberth, Pembrokeshire, comes with flashing LED lights and a smoke and fog machine – which will be very atmospheric indeed at night.

There are even steps which drop down via a remote control to let earthlings inside.

Owner Toby Rhys-Jones said the UFO bolt-hole took three years and £100,000 to build but is now ready for sci-fi-loving guests wanting their own alien adventure.

The UFO is tucked away and sits alongside a converted jet plane which you can also stay in.

Toby, 46, said: "I love the idea of offering people a really unique experience and this is it.

“The flying saucer has a TV, space invaders retro gaming, plasma ball and a lava lamp.

“It even has computer games and a yucca plant inspired by ET.

"It took three years to build and was a real labour of love.

“It cost me around £100,000 – but it was so much fun making it, even if we did have a few problems along the way."

It sleeps four people and has a themed room complete with an electric escape hatch, a double pod-style bed and two single beds, as well as a microwave and kettle.

Toby added: "There is also a monitor for gaming classic 80s games like Space Invaders and Defender.”

The cost per night to stay in the futuristic saucer is £129 per couple mid-week and £149 on weekends, plus £20 for each additional person.

Toby says: "It really is incredible and there is nothing quite like it.

“I know people are very excited about it and it will be ready for bookings within the next few weeks."

Toby’s campsite also has a 1970s private jet complete with cockpit for hire. It sleeps four people and includes all original features plus Wi-Fi and a games console in the cockpit.

He says: "I want to have the most unique places to stay in the UK."

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